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Design Consultation

Design Consultation with Julia

Design consultation is an interior design service that provides interior design direction, as well as answers to any pressing questions you may have regarding your home. You will get two visual ideas per space you’re looking to make changes to.

Things that will help us both to get the most out of our Design Consult Session:

  1. Come up with your goals. Express the ideal end result for your space.
  2. What Design problems I can help you with? If you are a list kind of a person, create one. We will go over your questions one by one and I will take the time to answer your questions.
  3. Be prepared to tell me how “wild” you’d like me to be with ideas and what are my limitations.

If all you need is time with a professional designer who can lead you towards your design goals, then this is the perfect option for you!

To schedule your design consultation please email  or call 720-258-5926 (yes, we are local).

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Residential Interior Design Services

“Each client’s space always combines diverse elements in a cohesive and organic way, and when clients trust me to lead them beyond their expectations, that’s when the magic really starts to happen.”

Julia Otero, Interior Designer

Schedule a Consultation

Good design is better when you collaborate one on one with a trusted partner—we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Contact us for your Design Consultation.

Residential Interior Design Services
Residential Interior Design Services


720-258-5926 (yes, we are local).

Our Design Process

When you are ready to make that first step in realizing your dream space, we are here to help with your Design Consultation.

Interior Design Consultation with Julia Otero

Meet-and Greet

The meet-and-greet design consultation session lasts approximately one hour and is conducted in the space you’re looking to work on. During this session, we discuss your vision for the project and how we will achieve It.

To schedule your design consultation please email or call 720-258-5926 (yes, we are local).

Interior Design Services by Julia Otero


After our meet-and-greet, we will start creating your perfect space. You will receive a Letter of Agreement where services will be described in full detail and payment schedule explained. We will start the work after a signed Letter of Agreement is received.

Implement Interior Design


If you choose to move forward with our vision, we will start the process of making your space as you desire. If you’d like to be involved in each and every step of the process, we would love that. If you want to hand off all the details to us, we would love that just as much. We have a network of vendors all over the US, artisans and highly-skilled craftspeople and of course, local design showrooms. From there, White Antelope Interiors will manage the implementation of the agreed-upon design plan from concept to completion. This includes following the schedule, budgetary oversight, sourcing and coordinating the delivery of all materials and supervising the work.