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About Julia Otero

Space is the Breath of Art

As a professional interior designer, Julia has been passionate about creating beautiful and soulful homes for as long as she can remember. Her ability to create spaces that bring together diverse elements in a completely cohesive and organic way is a direct result of having been exposed to life in many different parts of the world.

Julia received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She has many years of experience working for the biggest Design companies and showrooms, working directly with biggest furniture makers in the industry, creating custom pieces to fit her client’s needs, as well as smaller excellent boutiques all over the country.

Julia believes that everyone has a vision for their personal space, but may need a little assistance in achieving those goals. With some research and a lot of imagination, any space can function flawlessly while looking gorgeous, energizing, calming and even sexy. Julia truly listens to her clients relaying an idea or vision of their own, to take those ideas and sculpt them with her own artistic mind of wonder and present her clients with a clear image of this vision. Julia is a professional interior designer.

White Antelope Interiors
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Comprehensive Interior Design Services

White Antelope Interiors is an Interior Design company that can make your home look and feel just how you want it to on any budget. We offer comprehensive interior design services to ensure a cohesive, polished and seamless process when inventing or re-inventing the look of our client’s homes.



Our Results

In the words of our satisfied clients.

Julia’s clients have the highest level of confidence in her

I worked with Julia on few projects. Julia listens to each and every one of her clients, their taste, their needs and follows those hints while embracing the creativity for design process. I provided window treatments and we worked together on accomplishing every client’s different needs. Window treatments have always been chosen very organically based on the interior style Julia had in mind. It is very easy to work with Julia and me, as a professional window treatments designer, and all of Julia’s clients have the highest level of confidence in her work and work ethics.

Woodlands Draperies & Design

Julia is incredibly professional, courteous, and very responsive

Recently we interviewed several interior designers to decorate the downstairs of our new home we finished building this summer. We hired Julia because she really listened to us, was committed to sticking to our budget, and wasn’t afraid to kindly “nudge” us out of our comfort zone in terms of design. Over the course of three months, she was involved in everything from research, design concepts, purchasing furniture/decor, window treatment selections, managing deliveries, and the final staging of the rooms. We absolutely love everything that she did, and the way that she did it. Julia is incredibly professional, courteous, and very responsive to client communications. We love working with her and will continue to do so!

Don H

Julia was spot-on in understanding our vision

Working with Julia was amazing! She is a true professional with an amazing talent for interior design, décor and ambiance. My husband and I came to Julia in need of a lot of help and she was spot-on in understanding our vision and helping us turn it into something tangible. My husband and I don’t have the same style and don’t always agree on how we want to decorate our home and Julia added a ton of value in terms of helping us combine different tastes that made everyone happy and that also worked so well together — this is where her creative expertise really shined in her ability to pull the house together while making all sides happy. Julia was always very, very patient with us and no matter how many times we changed our minds or asked more questions, she graciously worked with us and made sure we were comfortable and happy. She is also willing to (and does) go above any beyond in both big and small ways; I was many months pregnant and Julia would offer to help to make things easier, faster, and convenient. A last addition, is that she is a pleasure to work with — she’s open-minded, has a great and fun personality, and we were able to enjoy a few laughs along the way. Julia will remain #1 on our list for all and any future design or decorating endeavors.

Dawn Miedler

Julia was very helpful, passionate and very affordable

What a pleasure to work with White Antelope Interiors. Julia, the designer of the company was very helpful, passionate and very affordable. I highly recommend design work with Antelope Interiors. Now my bedroom looks better than ever. I have exactly what I wanted! I will be using Julia’s expertise in my future renovations.

Christina Agabekova

What a professional company!

What a professional company! I really loved working with Julia she listened to all my needs and I am so happy with the end result. I highly recommend White Antelope Interiors. I look forward to working with them more in the future!

Mara Passetti Design

We loved Julia’s designs

Great job! We loved Julia’s designs. Our daughters room is like a mini castle with it’s own personality. Julie understands our likes and needs, She choose the right colors and furniture that go with our needs. We recommend White Antelope Interior for your projects.

Alesya Allen

I am so happy with the end result

What a professional company! I really loved working with Julia, she listened to all my needs and I am so happy with the end result. Julia turned my home into a beautiful space I enjoy coming home to. I highly recommend White Antelope Interiors. I look forward to working with them more in the future!

Nicole P.

So clear and simple

Everything is so wonderfully stated–so clear and simple –and that’s how Julia’s work is –she’s a treasure

Anina Lincoln

Julia works to understand your needs and budget

Julia is an absolute delight to work with. She works to understand your needs and budget and delivers great suggestions. She transformed our space and we couldn’t be more happy with her work.

Mary Beth Hawk

Lead us to making the right decisions

My family and I hired Julia with White Antelope Interiors for a design consult for downstairs part of our home. We had many questions and concerns about colors working together, flooring, furnishings, decor and the whole flow of the space. We wanted to make sure we could incorporate few of our existing furnishings into the new design. The consultation turned into a project for which we ended up hiring Julia. We felt confident that Julia knew what she was doing and would deliver 100% of what we were looking for. She patiently explained all the pros and cons of our own ideas and gently lead us to making the right decisions. Great company. Pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!

Rita Shleyfer

We keep coming back because of her amazing customer service

We recently hired Julia again to redecorate our dining and living rooms. We’ve worked with Julia several times in the past and will do so again in the future! We keep coming back because of her amazing customer service, decorating ideas, and ability to design remotely. Thanks again Julia for a job well done!

Don H.

My Story

“I’ve always loved design, and when I came to America at age 16, something sparked inside of me,” says Julia. Always looking to discover the value in cultures around her, Julia pursued her professional interior designer degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and then went on to partner with one of the biggest design companies in northern California.

“I rely on these early experiences and my exposure to different cultures as I introduce clients to unique possibilities,” says Julia. “Each client’s space always combines diverse elements in a cohesive and organic way, and when clients trust me to lead them beyond their expectations, that’s when the magic really starts to happen.”

White Antelope Interiors

Our Design Process

When you are ready to make that first step in realizing your dream space, we are here to help with your project.

Interior Design Consultation with Julia Otero

Meet-and Greet

The meet-and-greet design consultation session lasts approximately one hour and is conducted in the space you’re looking to work on. During this session, we discuss your vision for the project and how we will achieve It.

To schedule your design consultation please email or call 720-258-5926 (yes, we are local).

Interior Design Services by Julia Otero


After our meet-and-greet, we will start creating your perfect space. You will receive a Letter of Agreement where services will be described in full detail and payment schedule explained. We will start the work after a signed Letter of Agreement is received.

Implement Interior Design


If you choose to move forward with our vision, we will start the process of making your space as you desire. If you’d like to be involved in each and every step of the process, we would love that. If you want to hand off all the details to us, we would love that just as much. We have a network of vendors all over the US, artisans and highly-skilled craftspeople and of course, local design showrooms. From there, White Antelope Interiors will manage the implementation of the agreed-upon design plan from concept to completion. This includes following the schedule, budgetary oversight, sourcing and coordinating the delivery of all materials and supervising the work.