Brisa is an incredibly soft and luxurious faux leather fabric.

Leather Alternative Furniture

Let’s talk Leather Alternative furniture.

No, I’m not vegan, but I’ve come to realize one doesn’t have to be to fall in love with luxurious polyethylene fabric I’d like to talk about. It is finally here, the day we waited for excitedly and dreaded at the same, as introducing furnishings in that fabric as part of an interior design formula for the space is not cheap. Our family needed new seating furniture for our living room. As a designer, I’ve seen it all, I’ve sat in it all, I’ve felt it all. I knew I didn’t want leather. I knew I didn’t want upholstered. The couch we were replacing was slipcover, which I loved, but been there done that. The search had begun. I was settled on what’s called vegan leather but didn’t feel all that attracted to the usual stuff, the pleather. I certainly had my doubts about the durability and the smell of the material I was about to dunk myself and my family in. My smell sensitivity is a gift and a curse at the same time. The dog and I share lots of secrets. As it turned out, leather alternatives have come a long way, a very long way away from good-ole pleather, and can truly enrich any interior with its presence.

I discovered Brisa. Brisa is an incredibly soft and luxurious faux leather fabric. Yup, it’s fabric. It is the first polyurethane fabric designed with a unique ventilation system that enables it to breathe no matter how long you use the chair, therefore keeping you cool and comfortable without that sticky feeling. They have so many gorgeous colors to choose from. Anything from settled colors to bright “sparks your brain” colors. The variety is amazing. From an interior design point of view, having so many color options in this fabric is truly a solution to challenging spaces. We chose a dark grey sofa and flamingo chair for our living room. We could not be more pleased with the way the colors came out on the furniture.

Back to the serious stuff. After doing much research about polyethylene fabric, I learned about its many benefits. Animal hides and skins get treated with toxins, which over time could absorb into our skin. Yuck! Leather alternative materials are gentler, cleaner, and are much healthier for babies, children, and adults alike. These fabrics don’t attract dust and dirt, as animal skins would because of their natural oiliness. They are also very easy to clean. And at this point, I can attest to that. A damp rag with a little tiny bit of soap or alcohol does the job brilliantly! Leather alternative fabrics are hypoallergenic.

Those folks who are allergic to animal furs, dander and feathers, are the happiest client. No more sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes.

I’ve seen too many people upset about all the scratches that end up showing on their leather furniture. I call it “dipping into the vintage stage” of leather’s life. I, personally, can be quite attracted to that look, depending on the type of leather at hand. But many people get leather furnishings because they want that flawless look. And to be perfectly honest, not all designs nor interior spaces can take the “dipping into the vintage stage”. I always warn my clients that leather “ages”, meaning scratches and your body’s natural oils will overtime penetrate the leather and it will show. The “vintage” look will kick in and sometimes too soon. Leather alternative fabrics are very durable. They don’t scratch. They don’t soak up the oils of your skin and hair. If you have animals, who watch your favorite tv shows with you on THEIR sofa, this option may just be your best friend. There is a reason why Tesla chose Brisa fabric for their cars!

No, I’m not promoting one option vs the other. I’m simply sharing my own experience and knowledge I acquired while in the process of looking for my perfect furnishings.

The bottom line is this. We love our new living room furniture. Design and colors create the perfect combination and style I was aiming for. The bonus: no smell, no scratches, and absolutely no regrets!

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Leather alternative materials are gentler, cleaner, and are much healthier for babies, children, and adults alike.

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