There is no surprise that foam fill is the most popular

Cushion vs. Cushion

Every one of us has specific needs when it comes to being comfortable. We all have specific “lounge” habits. It is not easy to generalize what is the best seating for each person. It is, however, possible to describe the choices of fill for cushions that may be considered for seating.

There is no surprise that foam fill is the most popular. There are several reasons that make it the most wanted fill. For one, it requires minimum work to keep it “in shape”, it is very resistant to wear and sagging, and if you plan on keeping these cushions long term, this option is perfect. It comes in variety of densities. High density tends to be not very soft, therefore some people may find it a bit uncomfortable. But if you like sitting in “proper posture, that’d probably be the best choice for you. Medium density is the one people tend to find the most comfortable. You don’t feel “swallowed” by your couch and you won’t have “saggy” posture. Memory foam is another option. Yes, it’s firm, but is a favorite for people with back issues.

Feather/Down fills are perfect for people who like soft seating. It does require some maintenance, such as fluffing and turning cushions over to keep it from “flattening” and getting “bumpy” since feathers tend to clump together overtime.

If you’re on a budget, poly fill is your friend. It also comes in different densities, similar to foam. It’s very durable and “bounces”-back. It is perfect for people who have feather/down allergies and for those who are out to save the birds!

It’s time to pick out your cushions!

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