Color changes with changes in lighting

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I am often asked about wall colors, which paint colors to use, and if a color chosen by homeowners will work for the space. Here’s the trick about wall colors, each wall of the room, each corner will have a different tone to the same paint as the lighting in the room changes. Homeowners often want to use light grey on their walls. Great idea. But the awareness of color change is crucial to not get disappointed. In the morning that light grey will look slightly blue. During mid-day hours most of the walls will look darker shade grey than anticipated and the one wall which will have direct light hitting it will look blue-ish. In the evening hours, it’ll most likely take on a greenish tone. That’s is just one of the examples of how color changes with changes in lighting during the 24 hour day.

The little samples homeowners bring home from home improvement stores could be helpful, but the size of the sample makes it nearly impossible to understand the big picture. Therefore, if you are certain your walls will be repainted, I’d strongly suggest getting a pint of the wall colors you like and putting a sizable smudge of the same paint on each wall of the room you’re planning on painting. If you have 4 different colors in mind, the same thing, put a smudge of each color on each wall. This way as the light changes you’ll be able to see the changes colors take. Or you can always hire a professional to help out.

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"Colors must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel." Hans Hofmann

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