Mindful workspace design can help you succeed

Ahhh, the office

Aaah, the office. That functional, perfect, gorgeous office. Oh and the wires, and the cables, and all the dorky and non-dorky stuff that follow.

Rule 1

NO clutter, de-clutter it. If you don’t need something right by your side, move it into an office closet, get it out of sight That box of your photo albums along with some picture frames sitting in that super discrete location under your desk most likely is not as discrete as you may think. MOVE it.

Rule 2

Wire management desks! That is one feature that does wonders for a space.  Yes, you will spend a tad bit more on a desk featuring wire management, but it’s so worth it! But if you can get away with a laptop, I am all for it.

“Wire management desks! That is one feature that does wonders for a space.”

Rule 3

Choose your furnishing pieces wisely, just as you would for any other space in your home. Don’t put stuff labeled “no longer needed in the dining area or the bedroom or the living room” into your office. Be consistent in your choices. If you like mid-century modern style, stick with it throughout the space, if you like the classic traditional, same thing.

Rule 4

Accessorize. Art, photography, succulents, plants, decorative objects but do NOT clutter. All you need is a few tasteful accessories here and there (desk, shelving unit).

You are all set to enjoy a fabulous, functional, all to your taste and needs space you can proudly call Your Office.

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"Designing a space that you enjoy can help you stay more productive."

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