Don’t be afraid to use color

Throw Pillows!

I have recently visited my family who resides in a different state. This happens every time when they are made aware of my visit, the re-designing begins!!! It can be anything, anything at all that has to do with their homes, quite literally, as long as it’s accomplished before the time I leave.

This time, it was a living room re-identifying. The easiest part, believe it or not, was finding furnishings and bigger items for the room. A sectional, a coffee table, chairs, a rug, window treatments, accessories (let’s just say, it came down to who has the better taste, no pro opinion necessary), but nevertheless, and then it came down to the wire….throw pillows. After long hours of debating, the family has decided to rely on their gut feeling, which at the time was to listen to a pro and not fuss. And to say the least, I gladly obliged.

The new grey sectional, rustic modern coffee table, modern grey/yellow rug, grey patterned window treatment, and black/white accessories, all screamed for color! And the verdict was made: a total of 7 pillows, 3 dark grey ones, 1 bright yellow, 1 bright teal, 1 light blue, and 1 purple. Mission accomplished! Please don’t be afraid to use color.

“but nevertheless and then it came down to the wire….throw pillows.”

Throw pillows, as silly as it may sound, make a huge difference in the Design of the whole space. They are the eye-catcher, they are the thing you can change up and most importantly, they are there to keep you comfy. And to my family: “‘Till the next trip, love ya all”.

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"When you are alone and too tired even to turn on any of your devices, you let yourself linger in a past stacked among your pillows." Claudia Rankine

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